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I can’t remember the exact moment, but I met Lois in college through a mutual friend. When things got rough, I used to crash in the mutual friend’s dorm during my sophomore year and I got to know Lois better since she was the suite’s RA. I think somewhere along the line we bonded over nightmares, unfortunate obsessions, and dead parents (now that I think about it, it sounds kind of unhealthy).

She’s graduated now, working at a special needs school and filling out grad school applications for Hearing and Speech Science. Since she’s no longer at school, I don’t get to see her too often anymore. Luckily she came to visit my house over winter break. I tried sketching her face, and she cuddled one of my pillows while sharing what life was like now that she was out of college. I think what stuck out most was when she said, “You know once you graduate, it’s a lot harder to meet people. It’s harder for introverts like me. But then you find out who your real friends are by who tries to keep in contact with you.” I guess I don’t consciously think about it, but I do wonder how many of my college friends I’ll stay in touch with once we enter the real world.

I think about Lois, and I remember the frustrations she felt for her academics and the love she had for her family. I remember how she’d gone to Korea for a month and returned just before I left to give me various coupons, a filled metro card, and advice on navigating the country. I also remember how she helped me find a dorm when I came back.

I’m lucky to know her.

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